Gender at Youtopia 2015

Burning Man 2015 was very male dominated, with three males for every two other people.  On the other hand, at Youtopia 2015 no single gender was a majority.

Women did report significantly smaller ears than men:

And much longer hair:

One of the hot issues at the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference this year was the lack of women in leadership positions in many regional communities.  Many of us from the San Diego delegation were surprised – anecdotally there seemed to be many, many local female leaders.  So I decided to check the numbers, and the Youtopia leadership team in 2015 was 53 people, and 57% female.

On the subject of gender, the final question on the Youtopia Dada Scientists Census form said “Questions?  Comments?  Other Measurements?”  A totally unsurprising number of other measurements involved penis length.  However, a surprising percentage of those reporting penis length were female (31%).