Favorite Things 2015

Here are the questions about favorite and least favorite things about Youtopia as they appeared on the Dada Scientist Census:

You may notice that there is not an “all of the above option”.  Despite this, 28% of respondents decided to either check all of the boxes or write in some variation on “everything” for their favorite thing.  People fucking loved this event!

Here are peoples’ favorite things about Youtopia 2015:

With a total of just 5% choosing “Music” or “Partying”, I think it is safe to say Youtopia is much more than a party / music festival.

Peoples’ least favorite things about Youtopia were much more diverse, and people made heavy use of the “other” category, so I ended up making some new categories.

People who indicated that music was their least favorite thing at Youtopia often left notes to clarify.  Those notes were of all different types, from “too loud” to “MORE SOUNDSTAGES PLZ.” to “Not enough diversity of styles” to naming a specific sound camp.